Commit fe1c4926 authored by Erik Verbruggen's avatar Erik Verbruggen
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Fixes for signals and complex script bindings.

parent a6ea34a2
......@@ -153,7 +153,11 @@ static inline bool isLiteralValue(UiScriptBinding *script)
if (!script || !script->statement)
return false;
return isLiteralValue((cast<ExpressionStatement *>(script->statement))->expression);
ExpressionStatement *exprStmt = cast<ExpressionStatement *>(script->statement);
if (exprStmt)
return isLiteralValue(exprStmt->expression);
return false;
static inline bool isValidPropertyForNode(const ModelNode &modelNode,
......@@ -434,6 +438,12 @@ void TextToModelMerger::syncNode(ModelNode &modelNode,
} else if (UiPublicMember *property = cast<UiPublicMember *>(member)) {
if (property->type == UiPublicMember::Signal)
continue; // QML designer doesn't support this yet.
if (!property->name || !property->memberType)
continue; // better safe than sorry.
const QString astName = property->name->asString();
QString astValue;
if (property->expression)
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