Commit ff72733c authored by Oswald Buddenhagen's avatar Oswald Buddenhagen
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fix assertions relating to stack frames without a fullname

d'oh, of course, such frames *do* exist.

Reviewed-By: hjk
parent e6be1526
......@@ -2253,9 +2253,11 @@ StackFrame GdbEngine::parseStackFrame(const GdbMi &frameMi, int level)
//qDebug() << "HANDLING FRAME:" << frameMi.toString();
StackFrame frame;
frame.level = level;
// We might want to fall back to "file" once we have a mapping which
// is more complete than gdb's own ...
frame.file = cleanupFullName(QFile::decodeName(frameMi.findChild("fullname").data()));
GdbMi fullName = frameMi.findChild("fullname");
if (fullName.isValid())
frame.file = cleanupFullName(QFile::decodeName(;
frame.file = QFile::decodeName(frameMi.findChild("file").data());
frame.function = _(frameMi.findChild("func").data());
frame.from = _(frameMi.findChild("from").data());
frame.line = frameMi.findChild("line").data().toInt();
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