Commit ffc149ab authored by Friedemann Kleint's avatar Friedemann Kleint
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Symbian/TRK: Terminate "CreateProcess" message correctly.

Initial-patch-by: default avatarShane Kearns <>
parent 019f5a41
......@@ -697,18 +697,14 @@ QByteArray Launcher::startProcessMessage(const QString &executable,
// It's not started yet
QByteArray ba;
appendShort(&ba, 0, TargetByteOrder); // create new process
appendShort(&ba, 0, TargetByteOrder); // create new process (kDSOSProcessItem)
ba.append(char(0)); // options - currently unused
if(arguments.isEmpty()) {
appendString(&ba, executable.toLocal8Bit(), TargetByteOrder);
return ba;
// Append full command line as one string (leading length information).
QByteArray commandLineBa;
commandLineBa.append(arguments.join(QString(QLatin1Char(' '))).toLocal8Bit());
appendString(&ba, commandLineBa, TargetByteOrder);
// One string consisting of binary terminated by '\0' and arguments terminated by '\0'
QByteArray commandLineBa = executable.toLocal8Bit();
if (!arguments.isEmpty())
commandLineBa.append(arguments.join(QString(QLatin1Char(' '))).toLocal8Bit());
appendString(&ba, commandLineBa, TargetByteOrder, true);
return ba;
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