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      More progress on the CMake plugin · 00951b6b
      dt authored
      Made the cmake plugin even more usable by implementing:
      Pop up a wizard if there is a .user file but no .cbp file. (Fixes empty
      project reported on irc.)
      Pop up a wizard if the .cbp file is older then the CMakeLists.txt file,
      thus reparsing the file. (Note: There is a bug that we need to actually
      also check the last modified of all included files.)
      Reparse the cbp file to add new RunConfigurations / delete no longer
      existing RunConfigurations and update those that have changed.-
      Show a nicer title in the Projects/RunConfiguration pane
  12. 13 Mar, 2009 2 commits
  13. 09 Mar, 2009 1 commit
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      Fixes: Add a smarter cmake open project wizard. · ef1693e9
      dt authored
      Details:  That fixes a few bugs, while still having a few missing
      things. Don't allow the user to set a shadow build directory, if there
      is already a in source build. Detect if a cbp file is already existing
      and recent enough, don't rerun cmake then. Ensure that the user runs
      cmake with the cbp generator on opening the project. Show the output of
      the cmake generator while running. Remove the unecessary cmake step.
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      Fixes: Move Buildparser to the projectexplorer, use in cmakeplugin · c6a02170
      dt authored
      Details:  This enables us to parse the build errors correctly.
                The makesteps of the qt4project and cmakeproject have some
                code dupliaction, which could be refactored. And the code
                to find out the correct build parser could probably also
                be done better, but we are now parsing the build output for
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      Fixes: Progress to the cmake plugin · e8e2e4f4
      dt authored
      Details:  Add a dialog asking for command line options and build
      directory. This dialog pops up if you don't have a .user file. Note,
      though that it also pops up if there is already a in source build.
      (The build directory lineedit should be read only then.)
      The cmake button in that dialog and the output pane need more polish to
      make them better. With those changes you can now build and run marble
      from Qt Creator. (For marble you need to pass a few options to cmake.)
      Also add a configuration page to the Tools/Options dialog, where you can
      specify the cmake executable path.
      And add a class which runs cmake in the background to find out which
      version and wheter that cmake version has Qt Creator generator. (Which I
      did begin to write.)
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