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    • Christiaan Janssen's avatar
      QmlProfiler: prevent details pop-ups to leave screen · 2a66ab6d
      Christiaan Janssen authored
      Task-number: QTCREATORBUG-8058
      Change-Id: Id20e9d0573ee52bd0965a4e56c51df2aee6d2fa2
      Reviewed-by: default avatarChristian Stenger <christian.stenger@digia.com>
    • Christiaan Janssen's avatar
      QmlProfiler: Detect interrupted execution · 342f6842
      Christiaan Janssen authored
      Task-number: QTCREATORBUG-8022
      The profiler would switch to state "AppKilled" if the connection was
      cut before all the profiling data could be read.  With Qt4.8, however,
      the application dies before any data is sent at all, and such state
      would never be reached.  This patch fixes the flow of states and
      properly detects when an application started profiling successfully
      but dies before delivering the data.  If the application doesn't run
      at all (for example, launching a QtQuick1.1 app from Qt5), the
      profiler fails gracefully without showing the error dialog.
      Change-Id: I6fc53127b5dfe41de112e140b77895d430d3f79c
      Reviewed-by: default avatarKai Koehne <kai.koehne@digia.com>
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    • Nikolai Kosjar's avatar
      Get rid of some Q_WS_X11. · ed86a7ca
      Nikolai Kosjar authored
      This macro isn't defined in Qt5 anymore, so use Q_OS_* where
      Regarding bug QTCREATORBUG-7936:
      Now the fonts look normal again on GNU/Linux, e.g. in the text editor
      and the application/compile output pane.
      Task-number: QTCREATORBUG-7936
      Change-Id: I501cca608f273789d095e1138b32c2c8c38b0059
      Reviewed-by: default avatarEike Ziller <eike.ziller@digia.com>
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    • Tobias Hunger's avatar
      s/profile/kit/ · 8ba422d0
      Tobias Hunger authored
      * Rename profiles to kits.
      * Update some strings:
         * projects mode has a Kits tab, not a Targets tab.
         * " Settings" was dropped from the sub-tabs of the Kits tab
         * menu entry "Build/Open Build/Run Target Selector" was renamed
           to "Build/Open Build and Run Kits Selector".
         * Use "Kit" instead of "Target" in miniprojecttargetselector.
           (The class was not renamed as it does indeed select targets,
            not kits)
      Change-Id: I0727e086e2dfa0e8aaaf89fdc6f2e3596c7a4314
      Reviewed-by: default avatarEike Ziller <eike.ziller@nokia.com>
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    • Alessandro Portale's avatar
      Removal of Symbian support · ae23d505
      Alessandro Portale authored
      Qt Creator's support for Symbian was at its peak in version
      2.4.x. Nobody really verified it in Qt Creator 2.5 or 2.6.
      It is most likely rotten. Let's remove it!
      Also, the Symbian support code was spread throughout the whole
      Qt Creator code base. The plugin interfaces evolved in the
      meantime and target platforms like Android or QNX have 99% of
      their code in separate plugins.
      In case anyone wants to revive Symbian support in Qt Creator,
      please create a plugin for it.
      Change-Id: I56a758a3e2fd5b8c64d9aeb8f63d8e916c4883be
      Reviewed-by: default avatarAlessandro Portale <alessandro.portale@nokia.com>
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    • Friedemann Kleint's avatar
      tr()-Fixes for 2.6. · bf980649
      Friedemann Kleint authored
      - ProjectExplorer::Profile should appear as 'Target' in the UI.
      - Fix messagebox title capitalization
      - Fix Q_DECLARE_TR_FUNCTIONS to contain fully qualified class
        names, add where applicable to replace
      - Introduce message utility function for the commonly used
        'No tool chain set up for this profile' message to
      - Introduce message utility functions related to adding files
        to version control to VcsManager to be shared by QmlJsEditor.
      - Fix typos.
      - Remove QObject::tr(), QCoreApplication::tr().
      - Do not translate diagnostic console warnings of
      Change-Id: I6cee717a504796ef39f6eae58f552c5c8630adf3
      Reviewed-by: default avatarTobias Hunger <tobias.hunger@nokia.com>
  17. 26 Jul, 2012 1 commit
    • hjk's avatar
      madde/qnx/remotelinux: adjust after profile changes · b906360a
      hjk authored
      More Profile use, less dependency on QtSupport,
      Derive qtVersionId from profile instead of qt build configuration.
      Replace qt4BuildConfiguration with buildConfiguration.
      Use IDevice base class in AbstractRemoteLinuxApplicationRunner
      and in other places.  Simplify remote linux runconfiguration
      Change-Id: I6414d3d8146d16c360b3a0465c57a052ea71f899
      Reviewed-by: default avatarChristian Kandeler <christian.kandeler@nokia.com>
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    • Tobias Hunger's avatar
      Profile introduction · 24314562
      Tobias Hunger authored
      Introduce Profiles to store sets of values that describe a system/device.
      These profiles are held by a target, getting rid of much of the information
      stored in the Build-/Run-/DeployConfigurations, greatly simplifying those.
      This is a squash of the wip/profile branch which has been on gerrit for a
      while, rebased to current master.
      Change-Id: I25956c8dd4d1962b2134bfaa8a8076ae3909460f
      Reviewed-by: default avatarDaniel Teske <daniel.teske@nokia.com>
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