1. 23 Feb, 2011 2 commits
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    • Tobias Hunger's avatar
      ToolChain: Refactor toolchain support · 8d0c4772
      Tobias Hunger authored
      Refactor ToolChains in Qt Creator:
       * Allow for several toolchains of the same type
       * Be smarter wrt. guessing what kind of output a toolchain
         produces. This allows us to eventually handle e.g. embedded
         linux setups way better than before.
       * Be smarter wrt. guessing what kind of environment a Qt version
       * Improve auto-detection of toolchains a bit
       * Decide on which debugger to use based on the kind of output
         produced by the compiler.
       * Add options page to configure toolchains
       * Remove toolchain related options from the Qt version dialog
      Reviewed-by: dt
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      Debugger: Make tooltips use standard text editor tooltips. · cbafc50a
      Friedemann Kleint authored
      Extend text editor tooltips by a 'widget content', making
      it possible to show any widget utilizing the fact that the
      QTipLabel actually is a frame (and thus a container).
      Introduce concept of 'interactive' tooltips and modify
      the tooltip-closing mechanism such that simple interaction
      is possible. Emit the base text editor's tooltip signals
      with the correct position and add API to calculate the tooltip
      position from the cursor position.
      Add API for pinning tooltips to the text editor (by removing
      them from the QTipLabel layout).
      Modify the Debugger's tooltipmanager not to manage tooltips
      under TextEditor control and to take over control only once
      tooltips are pinned.
      Rubber-stamped-by: default avatarLeandro T. C. Melo <leandro.melo@nokia.com>
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    • Friedemann Kleint's avatar
      Debugger: Make tooltips pinnable. · 0ac879e3
      Friedemann Kleint authored
      Replace old debugger tooltip by a new ToolTipManager which
      has a list of AbstractDebuggerToolTipWidget with the functionality
      to 'acquire' an engine (display its data) and 'release' it
      (store engine data and display them as 'previous') and serialization
      to XML session data.
      DebuggerTreeViewToolTipWidget implements AbstractDebuggerToolTipWidget
      for tree model acting as  a filter on watch models.
      Rubber-stamped-by: hjk
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