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      Added comment · 0a9edfe1
      Alessandro Portale authored
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      Do not scan "/" for include files · 493710c2
      Alessandro Portale authored
      The scanning phase was in some cases insanely long.
      Reason was that Creator feeds wrong paths to the
      CppModelManager, for example "/".
      The scanning phase did what it was told to: scan that whole
      This patch makes sure that the scanning is not done for "/"
      Done-With: Roberto
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      No Samba while including files · b9d3c1f5
      Alessandro Portale authored
      (The other Samba is meant. The slow one, not the nice one.)
      Creator manages to feed the CppModelManager with all kinds of
      wrong include paths. That is usually not a big issue as long
      as that path is not a simple "/".
      CppManager appended a separator to all incoming include paths.
      And when the above "/" was passed in, we had (on my machine)
      7 seconds of Samba Network lookup, multiple times during a
      parse. And the sad thing was that my dear colleagues in the
      Intranet did not even have the searched-for header files on
      their shared folders.
      This patch makes sure that a separator is only appended if
      the path does not already end with one.
      The real core of the issue (wrong include paths from Creator)
      still needs to be fixed.
      Done-with: Roberto Raggi
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