1. 10 Mar, 2010 7 commits
  2. 09 Mar, 2010 1 commit
    • Friedemann Kleint's avatar
      Design mode/Qt Designer: Clean up the widget part of it. · 1b86bc50
      Friedemann Kleint authored
      - Remove shared subwindow reparenting from EditorWidget, make EditorWidget
        inherit FancyMainWindow. and use just once instance of it instead of
        per-editor ones.
      - Embedded FormEditorStack into EditorWidget as a centralwidget.
      - Changed FormWindowEditor's base class from IEditor to SharedTools::FormWindowHost
        (Widget) to be embedded into FormEditorStack (no need to be an IEditor),
        Remove Designer::Internal::FormWindowHost which had little functionality.
      - Add Design Mode widget to FormEditorW which has FakeToolBar and EditorWidget
        (single instance) in a vertical layout.
      - Removed ProxyAction class handling dock view toggle actions of several EditorWidgets
        (no longer necessary since there is just once instance). Moved "View menu" to bottom.
      - Started to make FakeToolBar work as a single instance listening on changing
        xml editors
      - Include-file/slot connection clean-up.
  3. 26 Feb, 2010 1 commit
    • Lasse Holmstedt's avatar
      Design mode integration · df7a19de
      Lasse Holmstedt authored
      Moved Qt Designer to open from Design Mode. Also, Design mode is now global,
      and created in coreplugin. Other plugins can register themselves to it.