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      C++: Base parsing on editor document instead of widget · 89bd4ee3
      Nikolai Kosjar authored
      This mainly takes CppEditorSupport apart.
      * Parsing is now invoked by CPPEditorDocument itself by listening to
      * Upon construction and destruction CPPEditorDocument creates and
        deletes an EditorDocumentHandle for (un)registration in the model
        manager. This handle provides everything to generate the working copy
        and to access the editor document processor.
      * A CPPEditorDocument owns a BaseEditorDocumentProcessor instance that
        controls parsing, semantic info recalculation and the semantic
        highlighting for the document. This is more or less what is left from
        CppEditorSupport and can be considered as the backend of a
        CPPEditorDocument. CPPEditorDocument itself is quite small.
          * BuiltinEditorDocumentProcessor and ClangEditorDocumentProcessor
            derive from BaseEditorDocumentProcessor and implement the gaps.
          * Since the semantic info calculation was bound to the widget, it
            also calculated the local uses, which depend on the cursor
            position. This calculation got moved into the extracted class
            UseSeletionsUpdater in the cppeditor plugin, which is run once the
            cursor position changes or the semantic info document is updated.
          * Some more logic got extracted:
      	- SemanticInfoUpdater (logic was in CppEditorSupport)
      	- SemanticHighlighter (logic was in CppEditorSupport)
          * The *Parser and *Processor classes can be easily accessed by the
            static function get().
      * CppHighlightingSupport is gone since it turned out to be useless.
      * The editor dependency in CompletionAssistProviders is gone since we
        actually only need the file path now.
      Change-Id: I49d3a7bd138c5ed9620123e34480772535156508
      Reviewed-by: Orgad Shaneh's avatarOrgad Shaneh <orgads@gmail.com>
      Reviewed-by: default avatarErik Verbruggen <erik.verbruggen@digia.com>
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    • Przemyslaw Gorszkowski's avatar
      CppEditor: introduce include hierarchy · a3eaed4c
      Przemyslaw Gorszkowski authored
      Based on type hierarchy.
      Added to context menu ('Open Include Hierarchy')
      'Include Hierarchy' contains:
      FileName for which 'Include Hierarchy' is done
      Includes(which files are included by current file - tree hierarchy)
      Included by(which files include current file - tree hierarchy)
      It is possible to open/goto each file by clicking on specific item.
      Additionally for 'Included by' files it goes to the line where is include
      directive for current file.
      Change-Id: I549b1ed64e4c9f6955f60d00efb12950a3259f81
      Reviewed-by: default avatarNikolai Kosjar <nikolai.kosjar@digia.com>