1. 16 Dec, 2009 3 commits
    • mae's avatar
      Nicer graying out of old content in the output window · c04ece53
      mae authored
      Experiment with changing the foreground rather than the background.
      Done with: thorbjorn
    • mae's avatar
      Fix ambiguous shortcut problems · 3bb71243
      mae authored
      The dummy shortcut eater did not always work, we sometimes do have
      mutual exclusive shortcuts in the same context.
      The current solution is simpler: ignore text input when the control modifier
      is used. This seems to be in line with other toolkits and applications.
      Done with: thorbjorn
    • Kai Koehne's avatar
      Don't crash if one tries to debug a qml project · 29051539
      Kai Koehne authored
      Quick fix. Actually there should be IMO no way to start the debugger
      for a qmlproject in the frist place.
  2. 15 Dec, 2009 20 commits
  3. 14 Dec, 2009 17 commits