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      more Id type fixes · 82f55736
      hjk authored
      Change-Id: I3720946ba5485696822976567d83b4d6cb1fb283
      Change-Id: Iab58bc34bc56371405d132315573b484a533b77c
      Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <qthjk@ovi.com>
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      QmlJS: Rework exported C++ type registry. · 6c925cf0
      Christian Kamm authored
      The problem was that if you exported
      A 1.0, A 1.1 and B 1.0 where A is the prototype of B
      the code model had not enough information to know that, depending
      on the import, B 1.0's prototype should be A 1.1 or A 1.0.
      To solve this problem QmlObjectValues now store the import's version
      as well as the local component version. In the example above B 1.0
      would have import version 1.1 if the 1.1 module was imported and thus
      be able to choose the right prototype.
      Change-Id: I7ef33f12ca5a528c62b2a8240f4b5720b0ebd4c3
      Reviewed-on: http://codereview.qt-project.org/5129
      Reviewed-by: default avatarThomas Hartmann <Thomas.Hartmann@nokia.com>
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      Completion: Fine tuning perfect match behavior · d4e9b862
      Leandro Melo authored
      Keeping or not the completion popup upon a perfect match
      is best identified by the model in question instead of simply
      by the triggering reason. For instance, in QML we don't want
      to preserve the popup if completion was triggered by an
      activation sequence. On the other hand, this is ok for C++
      since a semicolon or parenthesis will in general still be
      typed (in some cases even with the intention to take advantage
      of the automatic bracked insertion).
      For more context see 271bd44d2c1daa43c125cc09e6af57bb756de857.
      Change-Id: If9dbf33243b623c077ce027e7e46265d0fc4ba8b
      Reviewed-on: http://codereview.qt.nokia.com/563
      Reviewed-by: default avatarThorbjørn Lindeijer <thorbjorn@lindeijer.nl>
  13. 18 May, 2011 1 commit
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      New code assist API · bec4f024
      Leandro Melo authored
      This is a re-work of our completion engine. Primary goals are:
      - Allow the computation to run in a separate thread so the GUI is not locked.
      - Support a model-based approach. QStrings are still needed (filtering, etc), but
      internal structures are free to use more efficient representations.
      - Unifiy all kinds of *assist* into a more reusable and extensible framework.
      - Remove unnecessary dependencies on the text editor so we have more generic
      and easily "plugable" components (still things to be resolved).