Commit 59e57fea authored by Michael Winkelmann's avatar Michael Winkelmann
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Fix rectangle for custom items

parent 725685e2
......@@ -133,13 +133,10 @@ void QmlPrinter::paintItem(QQuickItem *item, QQuickWindow *window,
paintQQuickCanvasItem(item, window, painter);
} else {
// Fallback to screen capture if we are unable to parse the data
QRect rect = item->mapRectFromScene(item->boundingRect()).toRect();
QRectF rect(0,0,item->width(),item->height());
if (window != nullptr) {
QImage image = window->grabWindow();
rect, image,
QRect(rect.x(), rect.y(), rect.width(), rect.height()));
painter->drawImage(rect, image, rect);
drawChildren = false;
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