Commit 7a9e624b authored by Taneli Peltoniemi's avatar Taneli Peltoniemi
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Fixed the drawing rectangle a bit

parent a83259e9
......@@ -125,8 +125,7 @@ void QmlPrinter::paintQQuickRectangle(QQuickItem *item, QPainter *painter)
void QmlPrinter::paintQQuickText(QQuickItem *item, QPainter *painter)
const QRectF boundingRect = item->mapRectToScene(item->boundingRect());
QRectF rect = QRectF(boundingRect.left() - 5,, boundingRect.width() + 10, boundingRect.height());
const QRectF rect = item->mapRectToScene(item->boundingRect());
const QFont font = item->property("font").value<QFont>();
const QString text = item->property("text").value<QString>();
const QColor color = item->property("color").value<QColor>();
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