Commit 37c5dd8e authored by Johan Helsing's avatar Johan Helsing

Change gerrit comment output

The comment should be posted by a separate user, so no need to also headless
test etc. in the comment message.
parent 913c493c
......@@ -120,8 +120,8 @@ function listenForGerritChanges() {
testProcess.on('close', code => {
const failed = code != 0;
const commit = `${change.number},${patchSet.number}`;
var message = 'Experimental QtWayland Bot: Running headless tests for change ' +
`${change.number}, patch set #${patchSet.number} ${failed ? 'failed' : 'succeeded'}`;
var message = 'Running headless tests for change ' +
`${change.number}, patch set #${patchSet.number} ${failed ? 'failed' : 'passed'}`;
message += "\n\nHow to run the tests locally:";
if (failed) {
const codeReview = '-1';
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