Commit 913c493c authored by Johan Helsing's avatar Johan Helsing

Run docker-qt-tests instead of qtbuilder-stretch

So it matches the README of the docker image repo.
parent e974d672
......@@ -42,8 +42,7 @@ function startDockerTest(test, callback) {
const envArgs = reduce(environment, (args, value, key) => args.concat(['-e', `${key}=${value}`]), []);
const command = `docker run ${envArgs} --name ${containerName} qtbuilder-stretch`;
const args = [].concat(['run', '--name', containerName], envArgs, ['qtbuilder-stretch']);
const args = [].concat(['run', '--name', containerName], envArgs, ['docker-qt-tests']);
console.log('docker ' + args.join(' '));
const testProcess = spawn('docker', args);
test.status = 'running';
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