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# Cluster Plugin Description
1. Archemind. A demo cluster with a Qt3D car. GitLab address:
![Archemind snapshot](
2. kria-cluster-2d. 2D cluster(the 3D rotating car in the middle of the screen is a movie). Project address:
3. kria-cluster-3d. It's a re-write demo of 2D version, add 3D dials and 3D tranistions using Qt3DStudio. It is called "QtWS2017Cluster" in project:
4. qmlcluster. It's another Qt3DStudio demo in project:
![qmlcluster snapshot](
5. Triton. It's the cluster part of Triton-UI, the Automotive Suite demo for CES2018. It is a pure 2D demo:
![Triton snapshot](
# How to build
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