Commit 13172604 authored by Sami Nurmenniemi's avatar Sami Nurmenniemi

Fix Qt integration

parent d2fc2c82
......@@ -54,6 +54,44 @@ Compiling Qt application
4. Deploy to the device
scp build/appdir/appbinary root@IP_ADDR:/path/in/device
Integrating to QtCreator
1. Create a dummy link for mimicking the build machine
sudo mkdir -p /home/builder
sudo ln -s /absolute/path/to/artik530_qt5_builder/build
2. Install arm compiler to host
sudo apt-get install crossbuild-essential-armhf
3. Add new linux device to the Qt Creator
Go to Tools → Options → Devices
Select tab Devices and click "Add"
Fill in following information
Device type = Generic Linux Device
Name = Artik 530
IP address = Device's IP address
User name = root
Authentication method = password
Password = root
Click "Apply"
4. Add new Qt version
Go to Tools → Options → Kits
Select tab "Qt Versions" and click "Add"
Select artik530_qt5_builder/build/qt5_install/bin/qmake
Click "Apply"
5. Add new Kit
Go to Tools → Options → Kits
Select tab "Kit" and click "Add"
Fill in following information
Name = Artik 530
Device type = Generic Linux Device
Device = Artik 530
Sysroot = browse to artik_qt5_builder/build/artik530_sysroot
C: = GCC (C, arm 32bit in /usr/bin)
C++: = GCC (C++, arm 32bit in /usr/bin)
Qt version = Qt XXXX (qt5_install)
Click "Apply"
Note: You can't compile examples directly in the default examples directory. You must put the build directory to some other location than under the Qt installation. If that's not done, qmake introduces "-isystem" which breaks the build.
Preparing Artik 530 (S) device
......@@ -76,6 +76,6 @@ MAKEFLAGS="-j`nproc`" ../qt5/configure \
-device linux-artik530-g++ \
-device-option CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf- \
-no-use-gold-linker \
-prefix /usr/local/qt5 \
-extprefix "$INSTALLDIR" \
-prefix $TARGETDIR \
-extprefix $INSTALLDIR \
-make libs
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