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    RT75957. twr-k70f120m: NAND Flash support; environment in flash · 7de399c1
    Alexander Potashev authored
    This patch consists of the following:
    1. NAND Flash Controller (NFC) pin configuration.
    2. NFC clock configuration (enable the clock, initialize the clock rate.)
    3. Changes to the `fsl_nfc` NFC driver:
         * Code cleanup (there were compilation warnings, e.g. unused data
             and functions.)
         * `#include <asm/immap.h>` should not be used on ARM.
         * Disable the GPIO configuration code on ARM.
         * Use `__raw_writel/__raw_readl` instead of `out_be32/in_be32`.
             The registers of the NAND Flash Controller always use the
             same endianness as the MCU core.
         * Make the code in fsl_nfc_get_id() and fsl_nfc_get_status()
             endianness-independent (they were accessing the data from
             32-bit register as an array of u8, this approach is
    4. NAND support in the U-Boot configuration file.
    5. Support for environment in the NAND flash in the U-Boot configuration
    6. Increase the size of the `RAM` memory region to fit the statically
    allocated data for the NAND driver and the U-Boot framework for NAND.
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