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    RT76276. Add support for STMicroelectronics STM3240G-EVAL board · f271a6db
    Alexander Potashev authored
    * Clone the board-specific files from those used for the STM3220G-EVAL board.
    * Change STM3220G-EVAL to STM3240G-EVAL where appropriate.
    * cpu/arm_cortexm3/stm32/clock.c: Add support for clock rates up to 168 MHz.
    * Ethernet driver: Implement us/ms delays not tied to CPU clock rate.
    * Ethernet driver: Add `stm_phy_wait_busy()` to reduce code duplication.
    * Raise system clock rate from 120 MHz to 168 MHz.
    * Update PSRAM timings.
    * Disable the PSRAM Synchronous Burst Mode.