Commit 2113a116 authored by Vladimir Khusainov's avatar Vladimir Khusainov
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RT109899: Modified defintion of "update" in U-Boot for EA LPC4357 Dev Kit

parent 8af57b4f
......@@ -388,8 +388,6 @@
"image=lpc4357.uImage\0" \
"netboot=tftp ${image};run args addip;bootm\0" \
"update=tftp ${image};" \
"prot off ${flashaddr} +${filesize};" \
"era ${flashaddr} +${filesize};" \
"cp.b ${loadaddr} ${flashaddr} ${filesize}\0" \
"uboot_image=u-boot.bin\0" \
"uboot_update=tftp ${uboot_image};" \
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