Commit be9f3c8b authored by Sergei Poselenov's avatar Sergei Poselenov

RT #80404. M2S: Optimization for the default value of the "loadaddr".

parent 0471fa57
......@@ -290,11 +290,20 @@
"console=ttyS0,57600 panic=10"
#define CONFIG_BOOTCOMMAND "run flashboot"
* Macro for the "loadaddr". The most optimal load address
* for the non-compressed uImage is the kernel link address
* (CONFIG_SYS_RAM_BASE + 0x8000) minus sizeof uImage header (0x40),
* so the kernel start address would be loaded just to the right
* place.
#define UIMAGE_LOADADDR 0xA0007FC0
* Short-cuts to some useful commands (macros)
"loadaddr=" MK_STR(CONFIG_SYS_RAM_BASE) "\0" \
"loadaddr=" MK_STR(UIMAGE_LOADADDR) "\0" \
"ethaddr=C0:B1:3C:83:83:83\0" \
"ipaddr=\0" \
"serverip=\0" \
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