Commit c615cdac authored by Sergei Poselenov's avatar Sergei Poselenov
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RT #72064. Fixed error in envm code, self-upgrade is working now.

The problem in crashes while performing self-upgrade was that
".ramcode" envm_write_and_reset() was optimized to be inlined into
the flash-based do_cptf(). Removing "static" makes do_cptf() to do
the call.
parent 6c99130e
......@@ -40,8 +40,12 @@ extern char _mem_ram_buf_base, _mem_ram_buf_size;
* Write the eNVM and, optionally, reset the CPU.
* We need it in RAM so as to be able to update U-boot,
* which itself runs from the eNVM.
* NOTE: This function is only used locally, nevertheless, the "static"
* attrubute was removed. This was done because otherwise GCC optimizes
* this function to be inlined into do_cptf(), which is located in flash.
* This makes the U-Boot crash while performing self-upgrade.
static int __attribute__((section(".ramcode")))
int __attribute__((section(".ramcode")))
__attribute__ ((long_call))
envm_write_and_reset(ulong dst, ulong src, ulong size, int do_reset)
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