1. 15 Mar, 2017 1 commit
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  5. 11 Apr, 2012 1 commit
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      RT77788. k70-som: Add support for the Emcraft K70-SOM + SOM-BSB platform · 065d7e55
      Alexander Potashev authored
       * Add Makefile target `k70-som_config`.
       * Start K70-SOM board support code by cloning off the TWR-K70F120M
      board-specific code.
       * Update DDR controller configuration to interact with the LPDDR memory chip.
      Update timings for a 120 MHz DDR clock.
       * Remove configuration of pins NFC_D8..NFC_D15, they are not used by 8-bit NAND
       * Optionally support 8-bit NAND flashes in the `fsl_nfc.c` driver.
       * Set correct size of RAM (64 MB).
       * Do not configure the LCD clock, because we do not support LCDs with K70-SOM
       * Update U-Boot prompt, IP address, MAC address, bootargs, hostname.
  6. 25 Jan, 2012 2 commits
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      RT75957. twr-k70f120m: NAND Flash support; environment in flash · 7de399c1
      Alexander Potashev authored
      This patch consists of the following:
      1. NAND Flash Controller (NFC) pin configuration.
      2. NFC clock configuration (enable the clock, initialize the clock rate.)
      3. Changes to the `fsl_nfc` NFC driver:
           * Code cleanup (there were compilation warnings, e.g. unused data
               and functions.)
           * `#include <asm/immap.h>` should not be used on ARM.
           * Disable the GPIO configuration code on ARM.
           * Use `__raw_writel/__raw_readl` instead of `out_be32/in_be32`.
               The registers of the NAND Flash Controller always use the
               same endianness as the MCU core.
           * Make the code in fsl_nfc_get_id() and fsl_nfc_get_status()
               endianness-independent (they were accessing the data from
               32-bit register as an array of u8, this approach is
      4. NAND support in the U-Boot configuration file.
      5. Support for environment in the NAND flash in the U-Boot configuration
      6. Increase the size of the `RAM` memory region to fit the statically
      allocated data for the NAND driver and the U-Boot framework for NAND.
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      RT75957. kinetis nand: import an existing NAND driver · be6ee378
      Alexander Potashev authored
      Import the existing NAND Flash Controller driver for MCF5441x from
      The NAND Flash Controllers on MCF5441x and Kinetis are compatible, we
      will use this driver for Kinetis.