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      RT77744. lpc4350: Support booting from 16-bit external NOR flash · 9942ae92
      Alexander Potashev authored
       * The Boot ROM bootloader loads only the first 32KBytes of U-Boot image
      from the external 16-bit NOR flash. We make U-Boot load the remaining
      contents of the image.
       * Put all function and data used for bootstrapping in the beginning
      of the U-Boot image in sections `.lpc18xx_image_top_text` and
       * Configure the boot pins to determine the boot source if the relevant
      fields in the One-Time Programmable memory are not set.
       * Configure the remaining EMC pins before reading the whole U-Boot
      image. The Boot ROM bootloader forgets to configure some EMC pins.
       * Reload the U-Boot image from NOR flash only when boot source is
      `EMC 16-bit`.
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      RT77744. lpc4350-eval: Basic port · 55246688
      Alexander Potashev authored
      Support the following features:
       * Serial console on USART0.
       * Common pin configuration functions (needed for USART0).
       * Clock configuration: The Cortex-M4 core runs at 204 MHz.
       * `cptf` command is technically available, but has no effect since there is no
      internal flash on LPC18x0/LPC43x0 MCUs.
       * The lowest SRAM region (128 KB at 0x10000000) is reserved for the currently
      running U-Boot image.