Authored by Linh Ng

Arthritis and signs

Arthritis is a common disease but not everyone can recognize it. Please refer to the article below to be able to understand the disease situation

Degenerative joint disease

Recent studies show that not only older people with joint degeneration, but many middle-aged and young adults are also being attacked. The disease does not cause immediate harm, but can cause disability and adversely affect the quality of life of the patient. Therefore, people need to take preventive measures to have healthy joints, live happily. The role of housewives is important in buying food for the whole family to get good bone health.

Signs of joint degeneration

Arthralgia occurs when there is an imbalance between destruction, joint regeneration and related structures, along with secondary changes due to synovial inflammation and articular cartilage. Joints or degenerate joints are large joints such as knee joints, hip joints, ankles and spine.

Arthroscopy is divided into two groups: primary arthralgia due to genetic mutations that cause abnormal joint structures; secondary arthritis secondary to cartilage fractures, joint fractures ...

Pain is a manifestation that usually starts with joint motion and decreases with rest, restrain movement and stiffness. Formation of bone scars and axillary deformities are common symptoms. Phrase in the joint may be accompanied by pain.

Signs of fluid spasms without hot red joints. If the joint degeneration is severe, especially in joints such as the hip, knee, ankle, spine often cause pain or pain when walking.

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