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Best Apk store to download apps for your Android devices

If you are keen on reading news everyday, this article is a right place for you because we would like to recommend fascinating apps from our Apk downloader to bring interesting news for you each day. Let’s explore together to know what they are right now.
WhoSay is one of the most trusted celebrity portals that is available today. With the Android version, WhoSay allows users to track their favorite stars' accounts to not miss any latest news about their idols.
WhoSay is considered as the "Facebook" of celebrities, including posts, videos, photos, reviews, interview videos and the hottest news. Once you install this app on your device, users can easily follow the singers, athletes, presenter, famous chefs or influential people in the world they care about.
Outstanding features of WhoSay entertainment app for Android
·   New entertainment news are constantly updated from more than 1,500 famous people in the world. They are also using WhoSay to share their photos, videos and personal information.

·   The Favorites feature allows users to subscribe to only the stars they care about and update their news as soon as they open the app.

·   Explore the arena of blockbusters, music videos, massive photo galleries, the stars' private lives and lots of other cool features.

·   Discover a series of interesting stories shared by the world's most famous characters, covering a wide range of areas such as TV, movies, fashion, sports, music and more.

·   Everything appears on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Tencent, Tango, YouTube, and Google which are all available on WhoSay.

·   Post what you love directly to Instagram.

·   View and comment on photos, videos, and reply to comments from other users.

·   To install the app, you can come to Free download of play store apk.
The Economist
The Economist is one of the best newspaper apps on Android, providing users with the latest and hottest information in many fields, especially the economy and finance going on in the regions of the world. .
The Economist is a very prestigious economic newspaper under the ownership of The Economist Group, formed with the goal of providing information to readers regarding the economic, political, artistic and scientific situation, technology, education and society in countries around the world. The Economist owns a team of journalists, editors, translators, reporters and powerful experts with many years of experience in the profession with a series of articles that have highly depth and accuracy. On this momentum, The Economist continues to develop a news reader app to provide readers with a better experience so as not to miss any important news about topics of interest and hotness.
Outstanding features of the The Economist app for Android
·   Analyze the hottest topic of the week at 9PM (London time) every Thursday.

·   Download the analysis to read offline.

·   Sign up to access all the features of the app on smartphones, tablets, Chrome add-on and

·   Share information with friends via Email, Twitter and Facebook.

·   Suitable for English learners who want to improve their reading skills as well as academic vocabulary in many areas.
Note: The Economist works stably on most Android versions, including smartphones and tablets.
If you are curious about these apps above and want to try them, you only need to come to our Apk website to download for your Android device then enjoy it. Have fun! 
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