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Free for First Order and 50%-70% Off for PCB Prototype Orders

In ALLPCB headquarter office, all staff are very excited and busy these days. Guess what happened?

You’re right! ALLPCB is preparing to provide new big promotion to our dear customers! Both loyal and new customers will benefit.

For loyal customers:

  1. $5 for 5pieces, $8 for 10 pieces(single board less than 0.01m2)

  2. 50%-70% Off for 1-2 Layers PCB Prototype

Special offer: As long as the single board area is less than 0.01m2, only $5 for 5pcs 1-2 Layer PCBs and $8 for 10pcs. More pcb orders can enjoy the special offer with the price of $5 and $8.

Big Discount: For FR4 1-2 Layer printed circuit board with general parameters (such as board thickness: 0.6-1.6mm, copper thickness: 1oz), the price has decreased by 50% to 70%!

big discount.jpg

For new customers:

  1. $0 for first order! (5pcs 1-2 Layer PCB Prototype)

  2. 50%-70% OFF for all 1-2 Layer PCB Prototype orders

As long as the single board area is less than 0.01m2, it is free for the first 5pcs 1-2 layer PCB prototype order. You only need to pay for the shipping cost. For the next orders, you can enjoy the 50%-70% off as our loyal customers.

first order free.jpg

No matter you are new customers or loyal customers, your single sided and double sided board prototype orders will be shipped in 24 hours, without expedited fee and test cost. This is rare in the pcb industry!

ALLPCB is committed to serve more electronic engineers to enjoy the convenience and cost-effective PCB prototype. We would appreciate it very much if you could introduce ALLPCB to your friends. Your support is our greatest motivation!

Free for First Order and 50%-70% Off for PCB Prototype Orders 1.72 KB
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