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20% Off for PCB Orders to Celebrate Christmas

20% Off for PCB Orders to Celebrate Christmas Extraordinary news! In order to celebrate the coming Christmas, JHYPCB now launches a limited time discount - JHY PCB boards 20% off. What's more! 10pcs 1-2 layers prototype PCB boards within** 100mm*100mm boards only cost $5. Our lead time is still guaranteed within 24 hours.

Even better is, after registration in our website as a new customer, you can receive $10 credit in your JHYPCB account immediately. The $10 credit can be directly used in your orders. Register Now!

By the way, the free-shipping service has been canceled. But thanks to the strategic partnership with DHL, our shipping cost is competitive. Besides PCB prototyping, we still offer turnkey PCB assembly service.Only $50 for 5pcs SMT PCB Assembly and required each board within 100 solder joints.

JHYPCB is always in the mission of quality first, customers first. Our special price aims at offering cost-effective PCBs for all the engineers. Don’t miss this special price!

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