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Add frequently asked questions about the telemetry system

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* - Add a way for your users to configure what data to contribute, and how often
* to be bothered by surveys. KUserFeedback::FeedbackConfigDialog provides a
* reference implementation of a configuration dialog for this.
* @section faq Frequently Asked Questions
* <b>Why does the telemetry data contain no unique user/installation/machine id?</b>
* KUserFeedback is designed to be compliant with <a href="">KDE Telemetry Policy</a>,
* which forbids the usage of unique identification.
* If you are using KUserFeedback outside of the scope of that policy, it's of course
* possible to add a custom data source generating and transmitting a unique id.
* <b>How can duplicated submissions be detected without unique identification?</b>
* KUserFeedback addresses this by using a fixed time interval for telemetry data submission.
* If for example Provider::submissionInterval is set to one week, aggregating data in one
* week intervals ensures that there's only at most one sample included from each installation.
* The other way around, setting Provider::submissionInterval at least as high as the average
* usage interval of your application ensures a substantial amount of installations have
* submitted a sample in this interval. A frequently used application such e.g. an email
* program can therefore get good results with a smaller value than e.g. a special purpose
* application.
* <b>How can developments of a user be tracked without unique identification?</b>
* If you want to observe how usage patterns change as your users gain more experience
* with the application, there are multiple ways to do that:
* - include a UsageTimeSource, and correlate the relevant usage data with how long
* the application has been used.
* - it is possible to track arbitrary historic development using custom data sources
* via AbstractDataSource::reset. This method is called after each successful submission,
* allowing you to implement a "memory" for your data source, and e.g. submit differential
* rather than absolute values.
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