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    ProjectExplorer: Merge AnalyzerRunControl into RunControl · 112e3222
    hjk authored
    The change is "conceptually wrong", the AnalyzerRunControl derived
    classes' functionality should be provided by ToolRunners based classes
    encapsulating/"being" the current Analyzer*Runner classes.
    However, the AnalyzerRunControl is only three (empty even) virtual
    functions, but a big obstacle in merging attempt due to a lot of
    mechanical followup changes in downstream users.
    The current construction mechanism of analyzer run controls is actually
    two different mechanisms (locally direct RunControlFactories, and a
    "generic" createAnalyzerRunControl wrapper for remote cases). The generic
    createAnalyzerRunControl makes it difficult to migrated them one-by-one,
    due to the various downstream users.
    So instead of merging the per-analyzer two uses directly reduce
    the "indirection" distance by removing the AnalyzerRunControl
    intermediate layer. After that the createAnalyzerRunControl mechanism
    can be dissolved by using normal RunControlFactories also for
    the remote cases. After that, porting to ToolRunner, and combining
    with ther local equivalent can be done one by one.
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