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    (cherry picked from commit 8f373d3f6218a6407a01590b0c5db39b18979b81)
    Update information about building and running applications.
    (cherry picked from commit 14991aab9848e256555fb54a5189fae8c001e1ad)
    Remove references to Default Qt Version.
    (cherry picked from commit 34101e7f40e5eabdf84800548cd6aea9b812f652)
    Edit the Setting Up Symbian Development Environment section.
    (cherry picked from commit e61e4a0866d12b48ac932e7b61953b9abb6ba82c)
    Implement review comments for Maemo specific information.
    (cherry picked from commit 140775447508ec497147817ee5a642de5e939b8f)
    Add link to Required Capabilities in Qt documentation.
    (cherry picked from commit 6ebaed033d916b843332f163a88f1bbd0ea09da8)
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