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    QmlDesigner.metaInfo: replace old NodeMetaInfo with new implementation · 98eee9db
    Thomas Hartmann authored
    The new implementation is based on the QmlJS::Interpreter
    meta info system and gets its info from parsing qml and qmldumper
    instead of interogating QDeclarative classes.
    So we share this code with the Qml TextEditor and this approach is also
    way more flexible. It also work with different Qt versions.
    The meta info is now bound to a document/rewriter.
    The api has changed slightly.
    subComponentManager: cleanup
    The SubComponentManager does not have to provide meta info, anymore.
    propertyParser: cleanup
    Enums were never properly converted. here.
    metaInfo: remove old MetaInfo classes
    Removing the old MetaInfo classes and code