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    Import Clang Static Analyzer plugin · b9f9eb7a
    Nikolai Kosjar authored
    This plugin adds "Clang Static Analyzer" to the Analyze mode, which
    processes all implementation/source project files of the current
    project. For this, it will call the clang executable for each file.
    The found diagnostics will be displayed in a view similar to the one
    used in "Valgrind Memory Analyzer".
    The user can specify the clang executable to use and the number of
    concurrent processes to launch in Menu: Tools > Options > Analyzer >
    Clang Static Analyzer.
    Main TODOs:
     * Fiddle around the appropriate command line options, currently only
       defines and include paths are passed on.
     * Tests on Windows / OS X.
     * Remove dependency to clangcodemodel by moving the functions that
       create command line arguments to CppTools. Mostly they are not even
       specific to clang (but would also work with gcc).
     * Maybe limit to a range of tested clang versions.
     * How to deal with directory containing all the log files after the
       user starts a new run or Creator is shut down? (delete it? leave it
       there? make it configurable?).
     * Find out how to properly integrate the tests.
    Imaginable future additions:
     * Adding a button to load result/log files from a directory, e.g. if
       the user used the 'scan-build' approach.
     * Adding a button with a filter menu in order to display only
       diagnostics from certain categories, similar to "Valgrind Memory
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