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    QmlDesigner.Instances: Move instances out of process · ed424628
    Marco Bubke authored
    The complete qml emulation layer (instances) is moved
    into another external process (qmlpuppet).
    Summary of architectural changes:
    - Asynchronous messaging
        Handling commands and data transfer asynchronously reduces the
        amount of context switches between processes.
    - Proxy classes for client process
        This classes abstract the inter process communication
    - QVariant based command parsing and serialization
        Using LocalSocket in bidirectional manner for communications
        of commands and data transfer.
    - Integer based identifier instead of ModelNode in client process
        The qml emulation layer (instances) has no more depencies to our
        internal data model.
    - Timer based rendering
        Rendering in instances is controlled by a timer. Only dirty items
        are updated.