Commit 00ac1f89 authored by Leena Miettinen's avatar Leena Miettinen

Doc: move imageviewer docs from headers to cpp files

Use standard wording for function docs. Use valid
QDoc commands (\a instead of \param, for example).

Change-Id: I556fdbf686f2f54138617d6784c650a1d973513c
Reviewed-by: default avatarEike Ziller <>
parent a83a40d7
......@@ -187,6 +187,12 @@ void ImageViewer::scaleFactorUpdate(qreal factor)
Tries to change the \a button icon to the icon specified by \a name
from the current theme. Returns \c true if icon is updated, \c false
bool ImageViewer::updateButtonIconByTheme(QAbstractButton *button, const QString &name)
QTC_ASSERT(button, return false);
......@@ -79,12 +79,7 @@ private slots:
void playToggled();
\brief Try to change button's icon to the one from the current theme.
\param button Button where an icon should be changed
\param name Icon name in the in the current icon theme
\return true if icon is updated, false otherwise
bool updateButtonIconByTheme(QAbstractButton *button, const QString &name);
void setPaused(bool paused);
......@@ -114,6 +114,11 @@ void ImageViewerActionHandler::createActions()
Creates a new action with the internal id \a actionId, command id \a id,
and keyboard shortcut \a key, and registers it in the action manager.
void ImageViewerActionHandler::registerNewAction(int actionId, const Core::Id &id,
const QString &title, const QKeySequence &key)
......@@ -55,13 +55,7 @@ public slots:
void actionTriggered(int supportedAction);
\brief Create a new action and register this action in the action manager.
\param actionId Action's internal id
\param id Command id
\param title Action's title
\param key Key sequence for the commands
void registerNewAction(int actionId, const Core::Id &id, const QString &title,
const QKeySequence &key);
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