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Doc: update info about setting Qt in PATH

Use a variable for the path to the bin directories,
because the example PATH is most likely wrong.
Add a link to "Using Command Line Options" and move the
note there, because it is advanced usage (needed only for
self-built Qt Creator). However, these developers will
probably know how to set the PATH.

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......@@ -60,6 +60,15 @@
\c {qtcreator .}
\note To run a self-built \QC from the command line on Windows, make sure
that the Qt installation directory is included in the PATH environment
variable. You can enter the following command on the command line to add Qt
to the path:
set PATH=<Qt_installation_directory>\mingw\bin;c:<Qt_installation_directory>\bin;%PATH%
The following table summarizes the available options:
......@@ -124,11 +124,7 @@
For example, running \tt{qtcreator somesession}, launches \QC and
loads session somesession.
\note Make sure \QC is included in the PATH environment variable.
This can be done by typing the following in the command line:
set PATH=c:\qtsdk\mingw\bin;c:\qtsdk\qt\bin;%PATH%
For more information, see \l{Using Command Line Options}.
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