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\section1 Using Bookmarks
To insert or delete a bookmark in the editor file, place your cursor on
the specific line and select \gui{Tools} > \gui{Bookmarks} >
\gui{Toggle Bookmark} or press \key{Ctrl+M}.
You can also right-click on the number line and select
\gui{Toggle Bookmark} to insert or delete a bookmark. This is shown in the
figure below:
\image qtcreator-togglebookmark.png
To navigate to the previous bookmark within a session, select
\gui{Tools} > \gui{Bookmarks} > \gui{Previous Bookmark} or press
To navigate to the next bookmark within a session, select
\gui{Tools} > \gui{Bookmarks} > \gui{Next Bookmark} or press
\section1 Moving to Symbol Definition or Declaration
In Qt Creator you can move directly to the definition or the declaration of
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\gui{Text Editor} > \gui Behavior select \gui{Enable mouse navigation}.
\section1 Using Update Code Model
To refresh the internal information in Qt Creator pertaining to your code,
select \gui{Tools} > \gui{C++} > \gui{Update code model}.
\note In Qt Creator the code is updated automatically, as indexing takes
care of this, but incase this is not updated, use \gui{Update code model}
as an emergency command.
\section1 Using an External Editor
To open the file you are currently viewing in an external editor, select
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