Doc: Add info about troubleshooting Qt Installations

Sometimes Qt Creator considers a Qt installation invalid, and
displays an error message. Give users some pointers on what
might be causing the issue and how they might be able to fix it.

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{kit} for building and running your projects
in \uicontrol Tools > \uicontrol Options > \uicontrol {Build & Run} > \uicontrol Kits.
\section2 Setting Up New Qt Versions
\section1 Setting Up New Qt Versions
To add a Qt version:
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\section2 Minimum Requirements
\section1 Troubleshooting Qt Installations
If \QC detects problems in the installation of a Qt version, it displays
warnings and errors beside the name of the Qt version in the list. Select
the Qt version to see more information about the issue and suggestions for
fixing it.
To determine whether a particular Qt version is installed correctly, \QC
calls \c {qmake -query} and checks that the directories referenced in the
output exist. When \QC complains about the installation of a self-built Qt
version, try running \c {make install} in the build directory to actually
install Qt into the configured location. If you installed Qt using the Qt
installer, run the Qt maintenance tool to check for updates or to reinstall
the Qt version.
\section1 Minimum Requirements
If your build of Qt is incomplete but you still want to use QMake as build
system, you need to ensure the following minimum requirements to be able to use that setup with \QC.
\list 1
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