Commit 059859b5 authored by Thomas Hartmann's avatar Thomas Hartmann
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QmlDesigner.formEditor: fixes rootFormEditorItem()

Previous implementation was broken.
parent d19475a9
......@@ -368,10 +368,8 @@ void FormEditorScene::reparentItem(const QmlItemNode &node, const QmlItemNode &n
FormEditorItem* FormEditorScene::rootFormEditorItem() const
QList<QGraphicsItem*> childItemList(m_formLayerItem->childItems());
if (!childItemList.isEmpty())
return FormEditorItem::fromQGraphicsItem(childItemList.first());
if (hasItemForQmlItemNode(editorView()->rootModelNode()))
return itemForQmlItemNode(editorView()->rootModelNode());
return 0;
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