Commit 08d94196 authored by Orgad Shaneh's avatar Orgad Shaneh Committed by Eike Ziller
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Core: Fix compilation with gcc 4.7

	mainwindow.cpp:491:77: error: 'this' was not captured for this lambda function

Broken by c0952e22


Change-Id: I6fd9b6fb021c21ccec2b15695e07d1af8284fe2b
Reviewed-by: default avatarEike Ziller <>
parent 4a8a7f22
......@@ -487,7 +487,7 @@ void MainWindow::registerDefaultActions()
cmd = ActionManager::registerAction(m_newAction, Constants::NEW);
mfile->addAction(cmd, Constants::G_FILE_NEW);
connect(m_newAction, &QAction::triggered, this, []() {
connect(m_newAction, &QAction::triggered, this, [this]() {
ICore::showNewItemDialog(tr("New File or Project", "Title of dialog"),
IWizardFactory::allWizardFactories(), QString());
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