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Fixes: Doc - putting in Sam Dutton's feedback from the qt-creator mailing list

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To learn more about the Qt Creator, click on one of the links below:
\o \l{A Quick Tour Around Qt Creator}
\o \l{A Quick Tour of Qt Creator}
\o \l{Creating a Project in Qt Creator}
\o \l{Build Settings}
\o \l{Writing a Simple Program with Qt Creator}
......@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@
\page creator-quick-tour.html
\nextpage creator-build-settings.html
\title A Quick Tour Around Qt Creator
\title A Quick Tour of Qt Creator
The labeled screenshot below shows some of the components of Qt Creator, in
\gui Edit mode.
......@@ -298,7 +298,7 @@
\i \inlineimage qtcreator-intro-and-location.png
\i \bold{Setting The Project Name and Location}
\i \bold{Setting the Project name and location}
Next, we set the project's name and its path. Click on the \gui{...}
button to browse and select your path.
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