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Doc: new options for setting breakpoints and watchpoints

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\image qtcreator-debug-breakpoints.png "Breakpoints view"
Typically, breakpoints are associated with a source code file and line, or
the start of a function -- both are allowed in Qt Creator.
You can associate breakpoints with:
\o Source code files and lines
\o Functions
\o Addresses
\o Throwing and catching exceptions
\o Some system calls, such as \c fork(), \c vfork(), and \c exec()
You can also set watchpoints to monitor the changes in a block of memory
at a particular address when a program is running.
The interruption of a program by a breakpoint can be restricted with
certain conditions.
To set a breakpoint:
To set a breakpoint at a particular line you want the program to stop,
click the left margin or press \key F9 (\key F8 for Mac OS X).
\o At a particular line you want the program to stop, click the
left margin or press \key F9 (\key F8 for Mac OS X).
\o At a function that you want the program to interrupt, enter the
function's name in \gui{Set Breakpoint at Function...} located in the
context menu of the \gui{Breakpoints} view.
To set breakpoints and watchpoints select \gui {Add Breakpoint...} in
the context menu in the \gui Breakpoints view.
\image qtcreator-add-breakpoint.png "Add Breakpoints" dialog
\note You can remove a breakpoint:
......@@ -7454,6 +7468,28 @@
while it is running under the debugger's control. Breakpoints are saved
together with a session.
\section2 Setting Watchpoints
To set a watchpoint at an address:
\list 1
\o Right-click in the \gui Breakpoints view to open the context menu,
and select \gui {Add Breakpoint...}.
\o In the \gui {Breakpoint type} field, select \gui {Address
\o In the \gui Address field, specify the address of the memory block.
\o Select \gui OK.
If the address is displayed in the \gui {Locals and Watchers} view, you can
select \gui {Add Watchpoint at Object's Address} in the context menu to set
the watchpoint.
\section1 Viewing Call Stack Trace
When the program being debugged is interrupted, Qt Creator displays the
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