Commit 0bde4a13 authored by dt's avatar dt
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Maemosupport: small correctness fix

return 0 not false in case of an error

Reviewed-By: Christian Kandeler
parent 8b339f92
...@@ -333,16 +333,16 @@ const MaemoToolChain *MaemoDeployableListModel::maemoToolchain() const ...@@ -333,16 +333,16 @@ const MaemoToolChain *MaemoDeployableListModel::maemoToolchain() const
{ {
const ProjectExplorer::Project *const activeProject const ProjectExplorer::Project *const activeProject
= ProjectExplorer::ProjectExplorerPlugin::instance()->session()->startupProject(); = ProjectExplorer::ProjectExplorerPlugin::instance()->session()->startupProject();
QTC_ASSERT(activeProject, return false); QTC_ASSERT(activeProject, return 0);
const Qt4Target *const activeTarget const Qt4Target *const activeTarget
= qobject_cast<Qt4Target *>(activeProject->activeTarget()); = qobject_cast<Qt4Target *>(activeProject->activeTarget());
QTC_ASSERT(activeTarget, return false); QTC_ASSERT(activeTarget, return 0);
const Qt4BuildConfiguration *const bc const Qt4BuildConfiguration *const bc
= activeTarget->activeBuildConfiguration(); = activeTarget->activeBuildConfiguration();
QTC_ASSERT(bc, return false); QTC_ASSERT(bc, return 0);
const MaemoToolChain *const tc const MaemoToolChain *const tc
= dynamic_cast<MaemoToolChain *>(bc->toolChain()); = dynamic_cast<MaemoToolChain *>(bc->toolChain());
QTC_ASSERT(tc, return false); QTC_ASSERT(tc, return 0);
return tc; return tc;
} }
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