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Add changes file for 3.4

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Qt Creator version 3.4 contains bug fixes and new features.
The most important changes are listed in this document. For a complete
list of changes, see the Git log for the Qt Creator sources that
you can check out from the public Git repository. For example:
git clone git://
git log --cherry-pick --pretty=oneline origin/3.3..origin/3.4
* Added option to change environment for running external tools (QTCREATORBUG-4995)
* Improved performance of output panes
* Fixed that wizard windows were missing in Window menu (QTCREATORBUG-13766)
* Switched to a QMimeDatabase based MIME database implementation
* Added hint in empty editor area
* Added "Copy Path and Line Number" to context menu of document selector
* Added parenthesis highlighting to generic highlighter
* Fixed that files with same file name but different path were not distinguishable
in document selector and open documents pane (QTCREATORBUG-10185)
* Fixed that symlinks and their target could be opened at the same time (QTCREATORBUG-5941)
* Fixed that wrong highlight definition was downloaded when sorting the list in the settings
* Fixed clean up of automatically registered documentation
QMake Projects
* Added handling of QMAKE_CXXFLAGS_(APP|SHLIB|PLUGIN) variables
* Added option to put debug information in separate file (QTCREATORBUG-14009)
* Fixed ANSI color support for application output (QTCREATORBUG-13764)
* Fixed handling of DEFINES with escaped characters
CMake Projects
* Fixed that static libraries were deployed
* Fixed finding source directory for build directory
Qbs Projects
* Added option to show full command lines during build
QML-Only Projects (.qmlproject)
* Disabled plugin by default
* Fixed debugging of console applications (QTCREATORBUG-13803)
* Added Valgrind Memory Analyzer with GDB
QML Profiler
* Made it possible to search through event notes (QTCREATORBUG-13417)
C++ Support
* Added support for binary literals (n3472)
* Added locator filter for all included files (QTCREATORBUG-280)
* Added refactoring action that moves all function definitions out of a class declaration
* Added support for signal and slot completion in Qt 5 style connects
* Improved support for non-Qt projects that use Qt keywords
* Made auto-completion delay configurable (QTCREATORBUG-13393)
* Fixed auto-indentation for break in switch statement (QTCREATORBUG-13155)
* Fixed issues with case-insensitive file systems (QTCREATORBUG-12390)
* Fixed completion for enums inside member functions (QTCREATORBUG-13757)
* Fixed crash on closing one of multiple outline views (QTCREATORBUG-13614)
* Fixed that Move Definition to Class refactoring action was not available when using "override"
* Fixed that Assign to Local Variable refactoring action was not working with chained
function calls (QTCREATORBUG-10355)
* Fixed several issues with completion and iterators (QTCREATORBUG-13799)
QML Support
* Fixed crash on closing one of multiple outline views (QTCREATORBUG-13614)
Version Control Systems
* Git
* Added support for "git stash --keep-index" (QTCREATORBUG-13587)
* Gerrit
* Fixed that it was not possible to abort query and fetch (QTCREATORBUG-9743)
* Fixed that not all remotes where shown in Push to Gerrit dialog (QTCREATORBUG-13718)
* Subversion
* Added option to show verbose log
* Changed to use the new unified diff viewer
* Fixed that committing failed when using non-Latin1 characters in commit message
* Perforce
* Improved repository log (QTCREATORBUG-13526)
* Fixed target column for various commands
* Fixed behavior of "D" in visual block mode
* Fixed cursor shape after failing search
* Fixed issues with pasting in presence of splits (QTCREATORBUG-13481)
Platform Specific
* Added support for 64bit tool chains
* Fixed that active run configuration setting was ignored for deploying application
Remote Linux
* Added optional host key checking (QTCREATORBUG-13339)
* Added automatic closing of SSH connections after a period of inactivity
* Added support for SHA-256 HMAC for SSH
* Fixed that it was not possible to quote run arguments (QTCREATORBUG-14002)
* Added GDB server configuration management (QTCREATORBUG-13686)
* Added support for remote channel without port
* Added support for generic projects
Credits for these changes go to:
Adam Strzelecki
Alessandro Portale
André Hartmann
André Pönitz
BogDan Vatra
Christian Kandeler
Christian Stenger
Cristian Adam
Daniel Teske
David Schulz
Denis Shienkov
Eike Ziller
Erik Verbruggen
Fawzi Mohamed
Francois Ferrand
Friedemann Kleint
Hugues Delorme
Jake Petroules
Jarek Kobus
Jörg Bornemann
Kai Köhne
Leena Miettinen
Libor Tomsik
Lorenz Haas
Lukas Holecek
Maksim Klimov
Marco Bubke
Mitch Curtis
Montel Laurent
Nikita Baryshnikov
Nikolai Kosjar
Orgad Shaneh
Oswald Buddenhagen
Przemyslaw Gorszkowski
Robert Löhning
Sune Vuorela
Takumi Asaki
Tasuku Suzuki
Thiago Macieira
Thomas Hartmann
Tim Jenssen
Tim Sander
Tobias Hunger
Tom Deblauwe
Toralf Lund
Ulf Hermann
Volker Vogelhuber
Yuchen Deng
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