Commit 122bd501 authored by Aurindam Jana's avatar Aurindam Jana
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Debugger: Check start parameter languages for engine type

Change-Id: If5a05d12e7597516510d5726ca6d3418b3393251
Reviewed-by: default avatarKai Koehne <>
parent d3e69915
......@@ -574,8 +574,8 @@ static bool fixupEngineTypes(DebuggerStartParameters &sp, RunConfiguration *rc,
if (const Target *target = rc->target())
if (!fillParameters(&sp, target->kit(), errorMessage))
return false;
const bool useCppDebugger = aspect->useCppDebugger();
const bool useQmlDebugger = aspect->useQmlDebugger();
const bool useCppDebugger = aspect->useCppDebugger() && (sp.languages & CppLanguage);
const bool useQmlDebugger = aspect->useQmlDebugger() && (sp.languages & QmlLanguage);
if (useQmlDebugger) {
if (useCppDebugger) {
sp.masterEngineType = QmlCppEngineType;
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