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Screenshots for cmake support documentation.

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not have an in-place build, Qt Creator lets you specify the directory in
which the project is built (shadow build).
\image qtcreator-cmake-import-wizard1.png
The screenshot below shows how you can specify command line arguments to
\c CMake for your project.
###TODO one, two pictures ? \image qtcreator-import-wizard.png
\image qtcreator-cmake-import-wizard2.png
Normally, there is no need to pass any command line arguments for projects
that are already built, as \c CMake caches that information.
......@@ -1291,7 +1293,7 @@
By default Qt Creator builds the "all" target. You can change which
targets get build in the Project/Build Settings.
### \image qtcreator-build-settings.png
\image qtcreator-cmake-build-settings.png
Currently only one build configuration is supported and the
build directory can't be changed after the initial import. This
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