Commit 197d4a15 authored by Michal Klocek's avatar Michal Klocek Committed by Tobias Hunger

Minor. Fixing storing of gdb binary paths in profile.xml

* keeps paths in form of C:/.../.../... on windows
* instead of C:\..\..\..\

Change-Id: I5d645ab136c92fbdd5f9750265213ba974fac38a
Reviewed-by: default avatarTobias Hunger <>
parent 8d283ffd
......@@ -325,14 +325,14 @@ DebuggerKitInformation::DebuggerItem DebuggerKitInformation::variantToItem(const
result.binary = Utils::FileName::fromString(binary);
result.binary = Utils::FileName::fromUserInput(binary);
return result;
QVariant DebuggerKitInformation::itemToVariant(const DebuggerItem &i)
QVariantMap vmap;
vmap.insert(QLatin1String(binaryKeyC), QVariant(i.binary.toUserOutput()));
vmap.insert(QLatin1String(binaryKeyC), QVariant(i.binary.toString()));
vmap.insert(QLatin1String(engineTypeKeyC), QVariant(int(i.engineType)));
return QVariant(vmap);
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