Commit 1b5168c1 authored by Erik Verbruggen's avatar Erik Verbruggen
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Modified parseObjCTypeQualifiers to do what the name indicates.

parent 0c05c042
...@@ -5251,11 +5251,18 @@ bool Parser::parseObjCTypeQualifiers(unsigned &type_qualifier) ...@@ -5251,11 +5251,18 @@ bool Parser::parseObjCTypeQualifiers(unsigned &type_qualifier)
return false; return false;
const Identifier *id = tok().identifier; const Identifier *id = tok().identifier;
const int k = classifyObjectiveCContextKeyword(id->chars(), id->size()); switch (classifyObjectiveCContextKeyword(id->chars(), id->size())) {
if (k == Token_identifier) case Token_bycopy:
return false; case Token_byref:
case Token_in:
case Token_inout:
case Token_oneway:
case Token_out:
type_qualifier = consumeToken(); type_qualifier = consumeToken();
return true; return true;
return false;
} }
bool Parser::peekAtObjCContextKeyword(int kind) bool Parser::peekAtObjCContextKeyword(int kind)
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