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Doc: Describe renaming files when renaming symbols

If the symbol is a class, and filenames contain the symbol,
Qt Creator also offers to rename the files.

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\section1 Renaming Symbols
You can rename symbols in all files in a project. When you rename a class,
you can also change filenames that match the class name.
To rename a specific symbol in a Qt project:
\list 1
......@@ -1973,15 +1976,18 @@
\image qtcreator-refactoring-replace.png
\li To replace all selected instances, enter the name of the new symbol
in the \uicontrol {Replace with} text box and click
\uicontrol Replace.
in the \uicontrol {Replace with} text box.
To omit an instance, uncheck the check-box next to the instance.
\li If the symbol is a class, select the \uicontrol {Rename files} check
box to also change the filenames that match the class name.
\li Select \uicontrol Replace.
\note This action replaces all selected instances of the symbol in
all files listed in the \uicontrol {Search Results} pane. You cannot
undo this action.
\note Renaming local symbols does not open the \uicontrol {Search Results}
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