Commit 21798a49 authored by dt_'s avatar dt_
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Readd filewatches to QFileSystemWatcher

That is needed since after a delete/replace we otherwise stop watching.
parent cae5bef0
......@@ -265,11 +265,15 @@ void FileManager::addFileInfo(const QString &fileName, IFile *file, bool isLink)
if (!d->m_states.contains(fileName)) {
d->m_states.insert(fileName, Internal::FileState());
QFileSystemWatcher *watcher = 0;
if (isLink)
watcher = d->linkWatcher();
watcher = d->fileWatcher();
if (!watcher->files().contains(fileName))
d->m_states[fileName].lastUpdatedState.insert(file, state);
d->m_filesWithWatch[file].append(fileName); // inserts a new QStringList if not already there
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